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  • This heavy-duty metal and carbon fibre tubing indoor/outdoor banner system is strong and durable. X-banner stand is lightweight, easy to carry, set up, and store, it makes the perfect banner system at an affordable cost. This stand is perfect for indoor/outdoor events, retail environments, banks, trade shows, exhibits & conference rooms.

    Want to display different banners every season in a year? No problem, the banner graphic can be easily changed, all you have to do is hook the four corners of the banner onto the 4 arms.

    It is lightweight, non-retractable and requires no tools for assembly. The stand utilizes the X frame to pull the graphic taut and it is easy to move with the graphic attached. The grommet mounts are adjustable so that a range of sizes can be fitted up to the stand’s maximum size.

    X-banner stands are ideal for locations (where frequent changes of graphics are required) such as:
    • Retail stores and shopping malls
    • Car showrooms and hotel foyers
    • Trade Shows and conventions

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  • The tabletop roll-up banner stand is great for companies and exhibitors looking for a tabletop banner stand to spruce up a presentation table or point-of-sale display.

    The retractable design allows the full-color 11”W x 17”H printed banner to be showcased in mere minutes by pulling the poster up from the base and connecting it to the discrete vertical support bar.

    Use individually or in twos, threes or fours side by side to create displays at table top trade show or conventions.

    The Tabletop banner stand is great for use at:

    • Hospitals
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Sales presentations
    • Trade shows and conventions
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  • The roll-up banner stand is the perfect choice for budget conscious businesses that are requiring a professional looking double-sided banner stand at a great price. It features a single wire leg for stability and style, and is lightweight and durable. The fixed height bungee pole is easy to set up in minutes. The printed graphics are stored in the cassette, protecting them from damage. The grip top rail (no tape required) makes it easy to change the graphics and extends the life of the stand.
    They are ideal for locations such as:
    • Retail stores
    • Shopping malls
    • Car showrooms
    • Trade shows and conventions
    • Hotel foyer

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  • Full colour printed banners for indoor or outdoor use. These large graphic displays have an incredible impact and leave a lasting impression on your audience. These are printed on high quality large format printers that provide photo-realistic graphics and colors. Choose your banner size, whether you need metal grommets to attach the banner and also hemming if it will need to withstand abuse or windy conditions. Start now and we’ll get your banner into production right away.

    • 13oz, 15oz or mesh banner material
    • any size
    • hemmed and grommeted
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  • Captivate Attention at your Event

    A traditional and cost-effective way to promote your business through offline means.

    Best for Advertisement or Event Photoshoots

    Backdrops are an essential prop and tool for every major corporate party or event. Pictures taken in front of a backdrop go a long way in publicizing your event, company or sponsors. This is especially important for recurring events. Friends of your attendees and potential customers can easily identify your company and/or sponsors from pictures taken. Nothing adds more value to corporate event than a simple backdrop. Add your logo, your sponsors and partner’s logo and slogans, and captivate attention!

    Display brand messaging, event backdrops, trade show signage and more in a flash with Telescopic Backdrop Banner Stands! Portable and easy to set up, these durable backdrop stands are ideal for use both indoors and out. They can be used for anything ranging from AD Design Billboards, Trade Show Signage, Film Festival Backdrops and more. This product comes with telescopic poles that are adjustable from 5-10 feet horizontally, and 3.5-8 feet vertically.

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